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Learning. Teaching. Sharing.

In 2019. GKIP was created to act as a bridge between students in the Middle East and reputable UK universities, allowing graduate students (MSc and PhD) to get a link with universities in UK to aid their publication efforts. The first embankment was our conference in June 2020, which was a result of long term preparation and negotiation to link Iraqi universities with University of Bradford in the UK. The global circumstances caused by COVID-19 did not prevent us, and we managed to hold the conference over Virtual media platforms. We managed to publish 200 paper in 17 journals.
GKIP aims to offer collaboration for publication, Academic publications, research opportunities with UK universities and educational courses from reputable and accredited training bodies in the UK.



Striving For Excellence

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Since it start GKIP worked on organizing events to offer a space for researchers to meet and collaborate with each other. We offer a number of conference every year in partnership with UK based universities

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Proofreading and Editing

We offer Proofreading and Editing services that meet all the requirements of major publishers.

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Certified online training

GKIP offers training on behalf of reputable training centers that at are accredited by leading accreditation bodies in United Kingdom and EU.

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