Academic Services

Our academic center is named “Global Knowledge for Innovative programmes (GKIP)” after the name of our company. The center specializes in facilitating international collaborative partnerships and innovation between industry and academic institutions especially the academic institutions of the United Kingdom. GKIP provides a future-oriented global network that focuses on addressing challenges related to improving the value of higher education to individuals, communities, nations, and the world.


GKIP academic programs and services will cover the following:

  • Organizing events, delivering training and e-training short courses,

  • Organizing and managing workshops, conferences, and academic journals,

  • Producing publications,

  • Assisting universities in obtaining educational and academic accreditation and reaching international rankings,

  • Assisting conferences and journals in proofreading, publishing, obtaining ISSN, etc,

  • Assisting students to get admissions in UK universities,

  • and provide a wide range of resources to target groups in the formal and non-formal academic sectors. (3).png
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